Nick Rush

General Manager at SHI Ventures, LLC

Eureka CA, Pittsburgh PA

We have been working with GPI Holding for several months now. GPI Holding were able to handle all of our web development needs. I am very satisfied with GPI Holding and highly recommend them. Let me address each of your concerns about GPI Holding:

1. As far as their willingness and ability to meet deadlines is concerned: I have always received them work in a timely manner. You will find no problem with GPI Holding meeting or exceeding deadlines.

2. GPI Holding follows direction well. I tell them what I want/need and the work is completed accurately in a timely fashion.

3. GPI Holding is a wonderful communicator. I have never received a communication from them that was not highly professional. I would let them speak for my company if the occasion ever presented itself for them to do so.

4. GPI Holding is very responsive. I do not wait long ever when I initiate contact with them.

5. As far as GPI Holding’s adaptability to change and ability to change direction as needed- Well, there have been many changes to the projects that GPI Holding works on for me. Just today I sent them an email telling to scrap months of work on a concept I am developing with them at the helm. They quickly emailed back that “what I need done is being done” and “they are awaiting my outline” of the new direction for the project. If they can keep up with my demands and needs as they change, I know they are the right people for you.

6. GPI Holding’s work product is of the highest quality and they are very able to meet expectations set forth by me. Sorry so long. The bottom line is I am blessed to have met GPI Holding and to have themworking on my projects. Most other people I do not think would have the range of skills to provide the services that they do. I am very happy with them and I look to no other person/company to handle all of my web development needs. Feel free to contact me if you need further information. As I said, I just got back from vacation late last night so my brain is not fully back to work yet, ha. Wish I could be of more help, but honestly, I could recommend no higher an individual than GPI Holding for your needs. They have thoroughly exceeded my expectations.

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