About our company

GPI Holding is an IT solutions provider company. Our areas of specialization are: web, mobile and software design and development, e-commerce solutions, system engineering, 2D & 3D design and animation, and consulting.

GPI Holding is formed by a group of 3 companies registered in United States, Great Britain and Moldova. Since 2006, we served over 400+ companies coming from over 30+ US states, and 15+ European countries. Our customers are small, mid-sized and large companies coming from all sectors of the economy.

In today’s dynamic and fast changing world, people need companies like ours, who are in love with what we do, and who can bring a fresh and innovative approach to every goal that we set together with our clients.

Exceptional functional and technical expertise coupled with extensive web related knowledge makes GPI Holding the ideal choice for a web development firm to manage the implementation of your corporate projects.

GPI Holding is managed by high skilled professionals whose main purpose is to continuously raise the competitiveness, trust and image of the company by assuring high quality services and accomplishing our clients' goals.

Our managers continuously coordinate different corporate projects assuring that the customers' needs are successfully linked to our employees' technical and problem solving abilities. Their work brought our company a permanent growth, progress and confidence in our extension to the international market.

We pride ourselves on our proven track record for effectively administering multiple implementations of corporate web-sites, merchant systems and online marketing campaigns. GPI Holding has a strong and well-trained team of professionals in the field of designing, branding, marketing, web-development and software programming. All our employees are dedicated to offer professional services to our clients, insuring that all business requirements are met within time schedules.

In order to meet the individual needs of clients, GPI Holding maintains a wide range of qualifications. We excel in creative design, online marketing and advanced programming. At GPI Holding we are continually expanding upon our knowledge and services to assist clients with successfully implementing online systems in multiple ways throughout the world.

Our work consists of making complex computer related fields such as web-development, software programming and online marketing to be accessible and easy to benefit from for everyone. Our clients' success is the measurement of our accomplishments.

Our mission and values provide us energy to fulfill most difficult tasks, to meet and exceed our clients' requirements, to maintain our focus, to continuously improve our techniques and skills, to be in step with the permanent IT innovations and changes, to develop ourselves and excel.

We strongly believe that our solutions can save time, money and energy for our clients. Our solutions are profitable. In a globalized and computerized world full of stunning competitiveness we offer you solutions that guarantee your success and growth.

For the near future, the company’s goals are related to implementing new projects, helping our existent clients develop their online sales platforms and improve their existent marketing campaigns.

We are also developing several consulting and supporting products in which the large public as well as a various number of companies can have access to free education and training regarding the newest innovations in the Internet market and how these can maximize their profits and benefits with minimal costs.

We are also dedicated to upraising our marketing, designing and programming standards and skills, starting new competitive online businesses, as well as widening our presence on both the local and the international market.

We offer you a unique opportunity! Become our affiliate and start earning money while working at home or office. We have a very simple-to-understand referral system, so that you can become our partner almost instantly. No obligations, free of charge and easy to understand plan that allows you to join our team. No computer skills needed. Become our partner, start working and you can receive your first check in a few hours.

We are also looking for the right people that could represent our company's interests in certain US and international cities where we currently have clients or where we would like to extend. We offer a close partnership proposal with mutual benefits.

For more information or for applying, please contact us at the following e-mail: partnership@gpiholding.com

We are looking for professionals who would like to join or team. We have the following available positions:

- Flash developer;
- Web developer;
- Web designer;
- Regional project manager;
- Regional sales manager;
- Regional marketing manager.

We also provide internship opportunities for college credit in the following areas: marketing, sales, web design and programming.

For more information or for applying please contact us at the following e-mail: career@gpiholding.com

Our values

- We are a great team to work with, we enjoy teamwork and cooperation;
- We love our work and we are passionate in everything we do;
- We are dedicated to serve our customers and exceed their expectations;
- We are flexible and we adapt to the customer's needs;
- We are professionals, and we hire and keep only professionals;
- We are transparent in all our plans, decisions and actions;
- We are responsible and accountable for our actions;
- We plan, work hard and hit our targets precisely.

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