About our company

GPI Holding is an IT solutions provider company. Our areas of specialization are: web, mobile and software design and development, e-commerce solutions, system engineering, 2D & 3D design and animation, and consulting.

We are a group of 3 companies registered in the United States, Great Britain and Moldova. Since 2006, we have served over 400 companies from over 30 states and 15 European countries. Our customers are small, mid-sized and large companies from many sectors of the economy.

In today’s dynamic and fast changing world, people need companies like ours, who bring a fresh and innovative approach to every engagement.

What do we provide?


Creativity is key in how we work and in what we deliver. Whether it’s an innovative user interface design, a simpler solution to a complex programming challenge, or an imaginative project timeline; you can expect creativity in all that we do.


We have focused on acquiring the best talent in all areas of our company, whether it’s management, developers, engineers, and non-technical specialists - we are all experts in their areas of practice. This focus has allowed us to deliver better solutions and faster and on time.


We highly value professionalism. We have established a set of standards that guides how we work and how we do business, and every employee is held to this standard without exception.


No matter how big or complex your project we have flexibility in our DNA to meet the challenge. Whether is technology, timing, or environmental constraints we’ll provide you advice and expertise to deliver the best solution.


Experience is the engine that makes us run. We have a highly experienced staff, many of them with expertise in multiple domains. It’s our promise you will have seasoned professionals working on your project.


We value transparency. You will know what we know, whether it’s calculating all the possible options, discussing various implementations, or informing our customers of any problems as they may arise.