Search Engine Optimization


Search Engine Optimization is a process of updating, customizing, and developing a website for it to meet the standards of search engines in terms of programming quality, content, UI, design responsiveness, pages opening speed and other criteria. The higher the performance, rate and quality of all these criteria, the higher a website will rank on the search engines results pages.

We offer two types of Search Engine Optimization services:

– Internal SEO implies updating the website’s front end HTML, CSS, JS codes for them to be more intelligible for search engines, and to make the website pages load faster. Also, internal SEO includes work on the website’s content quantity and quality.

– External SEO consists of making other websites, blogs, and online newspapers reference to a specific website. The more such websites reference (link) to a specific website, and the higher the quality and ranking of these websites is, the higher the ranking of the targeted website will be.

A company needs to plan its Search Engine Optimization strategy very well in order to achieve a high ranking in search engines. We are willing to offer you our services and support during this entire process.