Web hosting is a service which consists of providing space on Internet servers for individuals, companies and organizations to make their own website or mobile apps accessible via Internet 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Our web hosting services include:

Shared hosting, where your website or mobile app shares the same server and server resources with dozens or hundreds of other websites and apps;

Virtual private hosting (VPS) is a service which consists of dividing a large powerful dedicated server is several small virtual private servers, and leasing those VPS-es to customers. In this way customers can have their own VPS, with their own server resources. In this way, one’s website does not suffer interruptions or speed problems when other websites from the same server are using too many server resources, or are being attacked. This is a better, but at the same time more costly hosting solution than shared hosting.

Dedicated server implies renting a whole physical server. This assures the customer with a lot of server resources and stability. This hosting solution is ideal for a large website or app, which gets or plans to get a lot of daily traffic from thousands of users.

Load balancing system. Highload websites and mobile apps which have millions of users will see that a dedicated server is no longer capable of facing and holding this much traffic. Highload websites and mobile apps need more complex hosting solutions. A load balancing system needs to come in place in order to spread the large volume of traffic and demand for server resources between several servers. We did load balancing systems for many of our customers, and we continue to monitor and maintain their load balancing systems for them up to this day.

Cloud hosting. We can configure your website or app on a cloud hosting. All the other types of hosting solutions listed above offer the customer a fixed volume of server resources, while the cloud hosting solution adjusts to your website’s or mobile app’s demand of resources. Cloud hosting gives your website or mobile app more resources dynamically, as your website traffic grows and as your website or app needs more resources.

Collocation. If you have your own dedicated server(s), you can host it/them with a data center from your town, city, or even in a different state or country. We can install, configure, and make your dedicated server work as an integrated part of that data center, and at the same time serve your needs best.

Managed hosting, server management and technical support. We can manage your server, offer our technical support, and make sure that your systems, websites and mobile apps work perfect and uninterrupted.

Email setup, corporate emails, email aliases, and email redirection.

Mail server setup. Many customers confessed that the messages and newsletters that their website or app send out to users reach the Spam folder of the users’ email providers (e.g. Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, Outlook, etc). We came in and solved their problems permanently. We have many success stories when we configured the mailservers of our customers, and the messages that went out from their websites’ or mobile apps’ mailservers started to go directly into their users’ Inboxes, and never reached the users’ Spam folders ever again.

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