Who we are?

GPI Holding is an IT solutions provider company. Our areas of specialization are: web, mobile and software design and development, e-commerce solutions, system engineering, 2D & 3D design and animation, and consulting.

GPI Holding is formed by a group of 4 companies registered in USA, United Kingdom, Moldova, and Russia. Since 2006, we served over 350+ companies coming from over 40+ US states, and 15+ European countries. Our customers are small, mid-sized and large companies coming from all sectors of the economy.

We believe that the future belongs to those who love what they do. We love what we do, and we do it with so much passion, that it makes us excel more and more. In today’s dynamic and fast changing world, people need companies like ours, who are in love with what we do, and who can bring a fresh and innovative approach to every goal that we set together with our clients.

Our mission is to exceed the expectations of every client by offering exceptional services, outstanding customer service, increased flexibility, and greater value, thus developing web, mobile and software systems, and improving our customers' operations efficiency, sales, and sustaining their growth.

In our 9 years of experience in the development business, we learned that our customer’s satisfaction is what matters the most. So we learned to put our customers as our first priority. If you become our customer, you will feel treated special, you will get all our attention, and we will get the work done for you really well.

Many IT companies specialize in a narrow domain, while we specialize in several areas. When you work with us you don’t have to do pieces of work with different companies. You can have all your IT, media, software, hosting and design work done in one place. We can take care of your digital needs from A to Z. This saves you time, effort and money and lets you focus on something which is significantly more important - running and developing your own business.

You send us the project specifications. We read them and ask questions trying to cover all areas and details that weren’t specified. After everything is clear, we give you an estimated timeframe and cost. We sign a contract and we start the work on your project. We give you daily or weekly updates about our progress. We get your feedback and we implement it. After the project is completed we test it together, then we move it from its development or testing environment to its production environment. We launch it and we watch how it conquers the world.

What do we provide?


Creativity and innovation have always been the core elements of human growth and development. We work in a domain where we always have to bring ideas to life. Creativity is a part of us and it defines us. We are very passionate about what we do, and that catalyzes our creativity even further. Our design skills, our fine eye for a great user experience and our ingenuity for finding smart and sometimes easy solutions for difficult programming problems - are all what our creativity is defined by.

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Precision comes with knowledge and experience. One can only find a precise solution for a problem, when he/she is well versed in that domain. Our management, developers, engineers, and non-technical specialists are experts in their areas of practice, and you’ll always get our very best advice and solutions that are adjusted and best suited to your company's needs. That will help you accomplish your digital and marketing goals in a record time and hit your targets precisely.

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When a company looks for an IT or digital company to work with, the first thing they want is professionalism. We know that, and we have set our professionalism standards very high in our work relationship with our customers. We work hard to maintain and raise these standards constantly. Every company is the sum of all the people who work for it, and the quality of a company depends on the quality of its staff. In this context, when we hire our specialists, we have set the professionalism as our main hiring criteria.

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The only certain thing on Earth is change. In a fast paced world and in a dynamic such as internet technologies, a company would die without the ability to change and adopt. We’ve been in business for 10 years and this speaks about our capability to change, adopt and redefine ourselves over and over again. No matter how complex your project is, or how big your problems are, if you are willing to embrace our flexibility, advice and sometimes radical solutions than you can get back on your track to success.

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Would you choose somebody with little or more experience? The answer is obvious. The vendor with more experience is preferred. That’s because your project will get done at its best, on time, and it will work right. These are all things that we can guarantee, thanks to the experience of our technical staff. Our 10 years of experience in all our areas of practice and our commitment of delivering exceptional results brought us a very good reputation among our customers.

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The quality of our solutions have a direct impact on the success or failure that will result from the systems that we develop and implement for our customers. We feel ourselves responsible our recommendations, actions and decisions. This made us adopt a policy of transparency, which materializes in calculating all possible options, discussing all ways and solutions, informing our customer about all problems that may arise, and finally getting the work done at its best.

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Over the past 3 years GPI has handled all our backend programming for DorianMediaGroup and all of our clients. They are very reliable and get the job done every time. Read more... Evan Dorian
We have been working with GPI Holding for a few months, I would highly recommend this company. Read more... Eugene Kormishkin
I LOVE the fact that during the development of my web-site, GPI Holding asked many questions on my project. Read more... Adam Haik
YOU ARE AMAZING!!! I am super happy with the site, your work ethic, your communication and your attention to detail. Read more... Frank Canseco
I can tell you how I choose who to work with and who not to work with and it "mostly" eliminates my risk but not always. Read more... Chris Hewatt
GPI Holding is great to work with. They have done couple of web pages for me. They make the whole process easy. Read more... Bhagyam Moses
When a programmer we had worked with for many years disappeared we were in the middle of a major web site development that came to a grinding help. Read more... Alicia Cox
We have been working with GPI Holding for several months now. GPI Holding were able to handle all of our web development needs. Read more... Nick Rush
I can only say great things about GPI Holding. Their time estimates are accurate and they delivers on time. Read more... Stephen Potts
GPI Holding is a company of very talented programmers/web-designers. If you can hire them, do yourself a favor and do so. Read more... Nick Rush
GPI Holding picked up some overflow Flash coding for us. We requested daily updates, which they cheerfully and thoroughly provided. Read more... Annette Lyn O'Nley
I've been on a quest to find the right web development company for a long time. After trying out various companies to no avail. Read more... Frank Canseco

Embrace the change

World changes everyday. Be part of this change.

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Our subsidiaries and contacts

United States of America:

GPI Holding, LLC
United Sates of America:
1370 SW 201st Ave,
Beaverton, Oregon, 97003,
United States of America
P: (503) 564-4505
E: info@gpiholding.com

United Kingdom:

GPI Technologies (UK) Ltd.
3 Newhouse Business Centre,
Old Crawley Road, Horsham,
West Sussex, RH12 4RU
United Kingdom
P: +44 20 3289 8750


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