Augmented reality and face recognition development

September 28, 2013 / Customers / 0 Comments

We have just completed a 12 months contract with a company based in Seattle, Washington. Our cooperation consisted of creating an augmented reality app for iOS and Android with face recognition capabilities. Using this app, you are able to hold up your phone or tablet and look around the room, restaurant, park, beach and you will be able to see if the people standing within 15-20 feet of yourself are single or taken.


The app is capable to do this using face detection, face tracking and face recognition. Also, it uses the relationship status from the users Facebook accounts. The app does not require to be a Facebook friend with the person you are looking at and inquiring about. The app is capable of displaying the relationship status of whoever has the app installed on their mobile device.

This facial recognition app allows you to recognize, get the names and relationship status of people around you, as soon as they allow this inside their apps. Also, the app has other very interesting and well thought features that allow you to get the names of the people located far away from you.


Our cooperation with this Seattle based company consisted of creating this Augmented Reality (AR) application for iOS and Android from scratch. Our responsibilities included the development of the iOS (iPhone and iPad) apps, the development of the Android (phone and tablet) apps, the development of the web service (back end / server side), the development of a website, and the mobile apps design.


We believe that this project has a great potential, taking into account the efforts that large companies such as Google, Facebook, Apple and Samsung made towards creating their own face recognition systems that they would incorporate into their products and services. Also, augmented reality is still an unexplored domain, which has great potential in the future.


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