GPI Holding started to work on an online file storing project

March 12, 2012 / Customers / 0 Comments


GPI Holding started the cooperation with an English-American business venture on building a new project, which wants to become a file storing alternative with social media features embedded in it.


The project will consist of developing one back end web service that the “client” apps will connect to. This web service will be developed using PHP and Python. We plan to use MySQL and MongoDB for the databases, and Redis for the cache. There will be 5 “client apps” that will connect to the back end web service. All these being said, our work will consist of website development, iPhone / iPad app development, Android development (phone and tablet), Blackberry app development, and Windows software development.

The project will allow users to upload and store documents, images, videos, music, and other types of files online. Also, users will be able to synchronize files between all their mobile devices. Users will be able to make friends inside the app, and invite their friends to Shibanta. Also, users will be able to see their friends’ activity, like and comment on the photos, videos, and music that their friends upload, watch and listen to.


The project comes with unique functionality, which cannot be found on other file storage websites and apps. We believe that this project will make a difference, and will become successful when it is launched.


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