GPI Holding started to build a social networking platform

April 25, 2012 / Customers / 0 Comments

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GPI Holding started to build a social networking platform for a new client. We will do website and mobile apps design work, back end and front end development, mobile (iOS, Android, Amazon) apps development, and system administration for this networking website.


This social platform is an innovative and electronic commerce website and app that give individuals, business entities, start-ups, celebrities, politicians, and non-profit organizations the ability to monetize and generate ad revenues from their profiles, socially interact, market to niche demographics, search for data, expand their wealth, and increase their overall net worth on the this social monetization platform.

The current social networking monetization website and app differentiates itself from other social platforms by creating a new action-oriented online social platform that unites worldwide users through a single hub. The site’s innovative system allows users to make money doing what they already do online: building a network of associates, post status updates, share pictures, host videos and browse pages in line with their interests.


This will be the first platform to integrate the best features of numerous world-renowned websites and allow its users to monetize their daily social networking. An all-in-one profile, individuals can connect with buddies, family members, share photos, videos, moments and information, and develop a brand (personal or professional) from the confines of one website with easy to use controls. With this social network, people no longer need multiple accounts on various social sharing platforms.


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